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One of the things that Jules got us to put into action was some simple systems for measuring exactly how well our business is doing on a daily and weekly basis.  By having these systems in place we can now track every part of our business easily. So we know what we are doing and where we are going at any point in time. 

By working with Jules we’ve streamlined our systems and procedures and our whole team is now a lot more productive. Best of all we are now more profitable than before without working any harder. The reports that we now have, have made dealing with our bank so much easier.

Working with Jules gave us the confidence to back ourselves and subsequently our productivity and efficiency is now so much better.  One of the nice things about working with Jules is that we can phone him at any time for specific advice and guidance if needed.  We really value the ability to bounce ideas off an expert in small business like Jules. 

 He has also helped us to effectively market and promote our service which is something we never used to do and this marketing is working very nicely for us.

 We’ve been working with Jules for close to 18 months and it’s easily been one of the best investments of money and time that we have ever made. Our business is massively more productive and efficient, we know exactly how we are tracking and we are making a lot more money as well. 

We highly recommend the services of Jules Radich to any business that wants to improve their results in a surprisingly short period of time. His services have produced outstanding results for our own business and we know that they will work for many other businesses as well.”

 Jeff & Rachel McLennan, Transworx , Timaru


“Jules has helped us fine tune our business, the subtle changes that he has suggested were easy to make and had a positive effect on our bottom line. Our investment in action coach has been rewarded on a personal and monetary basis.

 Jules: a genuine thank you for your help.”

Brent McDonald, Methven Motor Services, Methven



I’ve now been using Jules Radich as my business coach for over 2 years. Hiring him has been the best thing I have ever done.

When I first met Jules I was flat out busy in my business however I wasn’t making any money. I didn’t know where I was going wrong and I was struggling.


As a result of working with Jules our turnover has more than doubled and best of all we are now enjoying some excellent profits.


What I like about working with Jules is that he is very easy to get along with and he pushes me all the time to keep improving what we are doing. (I really like having a business coach who does this.)


Before I started working with Jules the business was very reliant on me working in it. So if I didn’t come to work (for whatever reason) my staff didn’t really know what they should be doing and the business ground to a halt. Now it’s very different, so I can take some time away from the business and it still runs well.


I’ve actually recommended Jules already to other people I know in business and he has turned their businesses around as well.  If you have a business and want to improve your turnover and profits by doing some very simple things then I highly recommend you talk to Jules.”

Spencer Bremner, Kitchen Focus, Dunedin

I’ve now been using Jules Radich as my business coach for 3 years. I was introduced to Jules by one of my friends and at that stage our business was not going very well.


We were very busy and working stupidly long hours but we were actually losing money and not making any forward progress at all. It felt like we were beating our head against a brick wall and I was considering pulling the pin and closing the business down. At that point I had been in business for around 16 years and thought that because we were busy we should be doing okay. (But were not doing well at all and in fact we were miles off track)


Working with Jules has been amazing. He helped us set up great systems so we could monitor everything that we were doing and see clearly what we needed to do. The results were unbelievable and within 12 months we went from losing money to making huge profits. In fact the results we got after we began working with Jules were like chalk and cheese.


What I really like about working with Jules is that he really big on tracking everything you do in business. He set up graphs so we could monitor everything that we were doing and instantly know if action needs to be taken to fix or improve some part of the business.


Jules is great for another reason as well. He continually comes up with new ideas to help us improve our business that we never would have thought of ourselves. And he also keeps you honest and makes sure you actually use the systems and processes that he helped you put in place to make improvements. This is really useful because it is very easy to stop using new systems and go back to what you were doing before and then your results start going backwards.


This happened with me when I began using less of the systems that Jules had installed and within a few months my results were not as good. So Jules pointed out what I was not doing and gave me a gentle ‘kick in the pants’ as it were to get back on track. As soon as I did that our results shot away again. Using Jules is like having a big brother looking out for you and helping you get back on track whenever you get off course.

He’s also great for encouraging me to try things that I would never have thought of or even considered by myself. And everything he recommends is always useful. One of the best things about working with Jules is that because he has not owned my type of business he does not think like I think. So he is totally unbiased when it comes to making recommendations for my business. He will often suggest something that is brand new for me but very obvious to him.


I recommend Jules to two types of business owners. First of all, I recommend him to any business owner who is working hard and is either losing money or not making progress. Jules will be of immense help to you and can literally ‘save your business’ if you act on his advice.


The second type of business that Jules can help is a business that is already doing well. Jules has shown me many times that even though our business is now doing really well it can do so much better with a few very minor changes. I love the way that he always casting a fresh set of eyes over our business and making positive suggestions for further improvement.


I initially thought that Jules’ fees were a lot of money. However after seeing the huge profits we were soon enjoying I realised his fees were a drop in the bucket in comparison to the amazing results he has produced for us.”

Aaron Aitcheson, A & L Furniture Finishers, Dunedin



“The weekly reminder of where you want to be going and putting it into achievable bits enables big things to happen”

Bob Adams, P & W Engineering, Mosgiel



“In the first 6 months working with Jules, we increased our turnover by 30%, but we increased our profitability by 200%. We used to be hectic, we spent the whole time running from one job to the next. With Jules, we worked on systems to make the business more profitable and more professional. Business is going well and I now have more time to spend on the business and with my family”


Mike Hall, Total Door Services, Dunedin


In 6 months we have increased our TURNOVER by 35% and our PROFITABILITY by 200%

We now have systems in place to ensure CONSISTENCY in the delivery of our services.

We also have a CLEAR VISION of where we are taking this business and are ENJOYING WORK a lot more as a result.

One of the biggest changes has been an effective system for DELEGATION which has FREED UP OUR TIME while still making us money.

Mike & Murray, Total Door Services, Dunedin

Action Coaching keeps me accountable and my bank account is steadily improving as a result.

Vic, Vic Nicholson Plumbers, Dunedin

It’s made me more accountable and more driven to get results instead of sitting back and thinking it’s too hard. 

Now it’s easy to manage the business because there’s steady cashflow coming in.

The Team are more motivated because they can see the extra work going into the business.

Darryl, Aart on London, Dunedin

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